Made in the Shade

MagneShade that is.

We’ve been thinking about this upgrade for quite some time, but the price made us think long and hard. The company is located in Mocksville, NC about 2 hours from Falls Lake State Park where we stay when visiting our younger daughter and her family.

IMG_1904 (Medium)

We opted for the brown material with a sort of khaki piping trim to match the coach

We were told we could spend the night in their parking lot and that they would have electric hook up for us. Well, a 110¬†outlet on the side of the building wasn’t going to do much for this behemoth all-electric motorhome, so we ran the generator a while and thankfully, it was cool overnight.

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Measuring and installing

It wasn’t exactly comfortable being in a sketchy part of town in a parking lot all alone. But hey, we lived to tell about it. Ha.

They got started about 9 am and had some of the shades already made. We had a special one made for the side window on the slide which they measured for and made while we were there.

IMG_1906 (Medium)

They stay in place with super strong magnets that are installed on the windows and in the pockets of the shades. You use an extendable pole inserted into the pockets to install. No mods to the motorhome (like snaps) and no ladders.

We received instructions on putting them on and off and a demo of how to store them. We were out of there by noon.

IMG_1907 (Medium) (2)

Tom with the owner Roger Hunckler

Time will tell if it was worth the money and they cut down on the heat of the sun in the motorhome when it’s parked. We like that we can still see out when they are in place. The solution we were trying before involved a reflector shield, and two shades that totally blocked our view and made the inside cave-like.


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