18 months

September 18 marks 18 months on the road.

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What a year and a half it’s been. In our personal life, we welcomed 2 beautiful granddaughters to our family.



We spent 30% of our time in or around Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Durham – visiting family.

Having a home on wheels has allowed us to be mobile and at the right place at the right time for some family events. Beside the birth of our granddaughters, we could help when our older daughter had surgery, sold her house and prepared to move to a new one. We were in Cincy for two big birthdays when Tom’s one aunt turned 80 and another turned 90! And we where able to make sure his dad attended both events.

The worst part about this lifestyle is being away from family and friends.

We’ve run the numbers . . .

We’ve put almost 19,000 miles on the motorhome staying in 19 states and spending roughly $6500 on diesel with an average 7.5 MPG.

If you add groceries and eating out together, that’s our largest expense at over $15,000. (That’s $14/day apiece) Campground fees came in at $13,000. (An average of $24/night)

We’ve put up our jacks and moved 106 times.

We spent about half the time in private campgrounds and 20% in state parks.

The most unusual place we had our motorhome was the underground cave storage near Lexington last winter.


Our least favorite place we stayed was

  • Heartland Resort in Greenfield, Indiana. Dirty, old, unfriendly and cramped.

Our favorite places were

  • Jack Pine in the UP of Michigan which was rustic and had a bar and restaurant.

  • Ocean Breeze in Jensen Beach, Florida for its beachy feel and access to bars and restaurants, intercoastal waterway and ocean.

  • Cherry Hill Campground in College Park, Maryland for amenities and proximity to Washington, DC.

  • Americamps in Ashland, Virginia for free breakfast every morning and dinner once a week.

  • Cumberland Gap National Park $10/night and free firewood at your site.

We attended several Newmar Rallies 2 Internationals, 1 Fulltimers, 1 Super Show in Tampa and 1 Region 6 rally in Indianapolis. And our wonderful Grand Circle Newmar Caravan last fall.

We also attended our first FMCA International Rally in Indianapolis.

Yesterday, we visited Wilson Creek National Battlefield, our 50th National Park System site.

This is our 195th post to our blog.

What’s next? We move next week to Branson and the Newmar Fulltimer Rally and then Sedalia for the International Rally. We will travel with fellow Newmar owners to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta and perhaps on to California. Then back east *way back east* through Cincinnati and Indianapolis and Thanksgiving in Durham followed by to wintering in Florida.

The Newmar Rallies are in South Dakota next year, so we will probably head that way in June 2018.

So yes, we’re already planning for 2018.


A Quick Stay at the KOA

After our impromptu stay at Heartland Resort, we were able to snag 3 nights at the KOA in Greenfield, IN. So this was the easiest move ever involving only a 4 mile journey.

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Although we feel the KOA is overpriced, we really enjoyed our deluxe site and a visit from our daughter, son-in-law and youngest grandchild. (and of course Chip the Goldendoodle)

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VV is a Happy Camper!

We met several people who, like us, are headed to the FMCA International Rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We are looking forward to our first FMCA Rally.

Quick Update

We just wanted to post to let everyone know we are ok. We try to post at least 2x’s a week and we are way late on that schedule.

We’ve had a change in direction and a change in plans and have found ourselves back in Indianapolis. All is well and we will post soon.

Roam Sweet Roam

Been thinking a lot lately about the concept of



Of course, our HOME is the motorhome because that’s were we live. Is HOME wherever we’re parked? That changes so often, that can’t be HOME.

Is HOME still Cincinnati? Most of the time when we’re in Cincinnati we park at the FMCA campground. So is the FMCA campground HOME?

Maybe HOME is at our daughter’s house in Indianapolis. Or our other daughter’s house in Durham. Are we ‘homeless’ since we no longer own a sticks and bricks house? At times we say we are houseless but not homeless.

If we are out in the car and headed for the motorhome, no matter where it’s parked, we say we are going HOME. Those buildings in which we used to live – in Cincinnati, no longer feel like HOME. Next winter we are renting a site in Mt Olive Shores North and staying 4 months. Maybe that will feel like HOME for a short while.

Perhaps HOME is a feeling rather than an actual place. Where you feel secure and loved. Where you are the most comfortable. Where all your stuff is. Where you eat most of your meals and where you sleep. Where you put your feet up at the end of the day and relax.

If that is the case, then this is HOME.

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