Yooper Food

We did some adventurous eating in the UP, and in Michigan in general. The hearty folks that live up here fuel themselves on large portions of stick-to-your-ribs grub.

One of the best meals we sampled up here is local whitefish. They catch it in the morning and serve it up for lunch. Sometimes it’s pan fried, sometimes deep fried or crusted with parmesan.


Here Tom had the Wednesday night special Whitefish dinner and Roni had a burger right at the Lodge at Jack Pine Campground where we were staying.


A curious dish distinctive to the area is a Pastie (pass-tee). It’s kinda like a stew in a pie crust served with gravy and cole slaw. Scandinavian and Cornish immigrants introduced them in the 1800’s as a meal that could be eaten with their hands in the mines here.


Another unusual dish we sampled in Sault Ste Marie was a Canadian delicacy called a Poutine. There are various combinations but the one we had was fried potatoes with cheese curds in gravy. Often they also have meat in them. Perhaps an acquired taste, but better than imagined.

We didn’t get a picture of the poutine since we were overwhelmed by the décor at the restaurant The Antler’s in Sault Ste Marie were we sampled that dish.


Almost any animal you can imagine is stuffed and displayed here – lions and polar bears? really?





Almost enough to make you vegetarian. They assured us all these specimens were acquired many years ago.