Signs, signs everywhere a sign

On our almost 2,000 mile trip from San Diego to Indianapolis, to pass the time we looked for unusual, signs.

We saw a variety of signs warning about weather and road conditions.

 IMG_1888 (Medium)


IMG_2393 (Medium)

IMG_2406 (Medium)

Signs for every new state we were entering, of course.

IMG_1831 (Medium)

IMG_2417 (Medium)

IMG_2472 (Medium)

IMG_2439 (Medium)

IMG_2477 (Medium)

IMG_2460 (Medium)IMG_2355



Signs warning us of potential animals we might encounter.


IMG_2375 (Medium)

IMG_2403 (Medium)

IMG_2432 (Medium)

I missed the picture of the ram – thought that was unusual and wish I had been faster with the camera.

A couple signs confused us. Not sure what we should do about this.

IMG_2434 (Medium)

And why would they put this in a rest area?

IMG_2388 (Medium)

The Mad Dash East

We left San Diego on October 25th & arrived in Indianapolis on November 3rd.

9 days, 8 states 1,940 miles.


In the process, we added CA and TX to our list of states in which we’ve stayed since we’ve been fulltiming.

IMG_1831 (Medium)

IMG_2439 (Medium)

We stayed in fancy RV Resorts like the one in Chula Vista, CA. Typical campgrounds like Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ and Meramec Springs Campground in MO. Although we prefer not to stay at KOAs we used 2 KOAs in Gila Bend and Terre Haute. We stayed at 3 casinos in Acoma, NM, El Reno, OK and Miami, OK.

IMG_2458 (Medium)

Quapaw Casino in Miami, OK. Free camping.

One night we boondocked at the Texas Travel Center in Amarillo.

While in Indianapolis, we are staying at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

And we also went from 108 degrees in San Diego to 29 degrees in New Mexico 2 nights later.

IMG_2341 (Medium)

We went through 3 time zones and had to fall back for the beginning of daylight savings time. Just knowing what time it was became complicated.

Although we didn’t see The Wall, we did see the fence – as we got within a few hundred yards of the Mexican border.

IMG_2366 (Medium)

We went through a produce / plant check and a border security check, both new experiences for us.

IMG_2360 (Medium)

We encountered strong winds and mountains as well as long stretches of desert nothingness.

IMG_2370 (Medium)

A Quick Check-in

We’ve been making the mad dash back east from San Diego. WIFI access has been slim to none so we haven’t posted. All is well.

Tomorrow we should be in Indianapolis and next week the whole family should have one day when we are all in one place at the same time. That doesn’t happen very often. Both daughters, their husbands, and the 5 grandkids! and us. But only one day. Then 10 days later, we should all be together again, for just one day. We’ll take what we can get.

Will post again soon.