Visiting The Hermitage

Recently, we visited the homes of POTUS1 and POTUS3, and today we visited the home of POTUS7.

We are staying at the very lovely Seven Points Corp of Engineering Park on J Percy Priest lake just outside Nashville. A short half hour drive north and we were at The Hermitage the home of Andrew Jackson 7th president of the United States from 1829-1837.

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Jackson gained fame as a general in the United States Army particularly for his victory at the Battle of New Orleans in the war of 1812 and served in both houses of Congress. As president, Jackson sought to advance the rights of the “common man”.

DSC_6587 (Medium)

The back of the mansion is as impressive as the front

His plantation at the Hermitage relied on the labor of enslaved people keeping the mansion running and growing cotton.

Jackson and his wife Rachel lived here, first in a log cabin and later in the mansion they built on the property. When they moved into the mansion, the cabin was converted to slave quarters.

DSC_6590 (Medium)

The ‘First Hermitage’ converted to slave quarters

Also on property is the cabin where Jackson’s servant Alfred lived. He remained here after emancipation and even served as a tour guide until his death at age 98 in 1901.

DSC_6591 (Medium)

Alfred’s Cabin

Jackson and his wife are buried on the grounds with their adopted son Andrew Jr and his wife and family.

DSC_6560 (Medium)

The family cemetery

Our day here included a guided tour of the mansion (no pictures allowed) and a self guided tour of the grounds. We also enjoyed the displays in the museum.

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