One Year

1annToday marks one year since we closed on the sale of the house and moved into the motorhome fulltime. We have visited some amazing places and saw some amazing things.

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A favorite pic – Bryce Canyon at sunrise

The year has held some surprises and some twists and turns. We also welcomed 2 new granddaughters in that year and spent time with family.


The stats– since March 18, 2016 we have

*Stayed in 17 states OH, KY, IN, TN, VA, PA, NC, SC, MI, MO, KS, UT, AZ, IL, WV, GA, FL

*Attended 4 Rallies (Newmar Fulltimers, Newmar International, Tampa Super show, Frieghtliner Owners)

*Gone on 1 organized caravan (Newmar Grand Circle Tour) Rallies and Caravans were over $3,000 of our expenses for the year.

*Visited 25 different National Parks, Battlefields, Monuments, Preserves, Lakeshores and Forests. That $10 America the Beautiful Senior Pass has certainly come in handy for free admissions.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­*Driven 13,148 miles that’s 1,842 gallons of diesel totaling $4,502. (Some fuel was consumed by 91 hours running the diesel powered generator.)


*Our biggest expense at over $8,000 was Health Insurance (don’t expect this to change until we qualify for Medicare and most probably will increase with DonaldCare)

*Our second highest expense was campground fees at about $7,500.

*We spent over $5,000 on improvements to the motorhome – a big chunk of that was the additional electronics and wiring we added for cell and wifi boosting.

*Groceries accounted for $5,154 and eating out for $4,846 (Funny, that came out to exactly $10k). Total about $192/week spent on food. (This was a surprise – we didn’t think we ate out that much)

The Future

Although we miss family and friends, we have decided to give this another year.


Christmas in Indy. Both daughters and their husbands all five g’kids and our best friends!

The deal we made with each other was to give it a year and if either of us wants to ‘come off the road’ then we would. No questions asked, done deal. Then we would decide what the next step would be – buy a condo, move closer to one of the kids, go back to Cincy, etc. So we’ll give it another year and the same rules apply – one year at a time.

Today is also the baptism of the youngest member of our family – Violet Veronica and it’s painful not to be there with the family. This is the WORST part of this lifestyle. God Bless you VV – Mum and Pop love you.


We came to Florida for the winter without reservations. This was stupid. I guess if you are willing to work very, very hard and be on the internet at all times looking for a spot to upen up, this is doable. We gave up on that and booked through Sun Resorts with less than optimal results.

We learned our lesson and have already arranged to stay 4 months next winter at Mt Olive Shores North in Polk City.

We considered buying a site in Florida to sit out the winter, but decided to hold off until we explore other options. One place we liked was Mt Olive Shores and renting here for a season will give us a better sense of how ownership there would work for us. During our time at MOSN next winter we plan to take some trips – maybe to Disney or the coast.

If you are wondering about our furbaby, Bogey is doing well. He’s now 13 ½ but has adjusted well to the lifestyle and likes sniffing new places every week or so.


So what’s next? Another couple of stops in Florida then make our way north through Durham to see the grandbabies there. Then Cincinnati in May to catch up with friends and dentist appointments, then on to Indianapolis to visit grandkids there. Then Newmar in Nappanee, Indiana for a few repairs.

Right now the summer is open – we are considering Wisconsin or Minnesota, maybe S Dakota. We plan to attend the Newmar Rallies in Missouri in the fall and have already signed up for the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque in October. Back to Florida for December through March. And that takes us through another year.

We’re beginning to see how people do this for many years and say the time flies by. There’s just so much to see and do and a new adventure just down the road.



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  1. Love reading about your adventures. Congratulations on not killing each other and really thinking it all thru!
    Sounds like life is great for you two and I’m happy for you both. Enjoy your life…be proud, you had the guts to do it ❤

    • Thanks Bev. So far, so good on the ‘not killing each other thing’ Ha. Hope you are on the mend from your knee surgery.

  2. Very interesting breakdown on living expenses. I think we all spend more on eating out than we realize. Is there a way to navigate the library system when you travel? That might be the thing I would miss most.
    Love you both!

    • Hi Linda. You can use the Hamilton County library system online and download books to the kindle. Love to you and Ron and your family.

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