Florida at Christmastime

We spent most of the winter in Florida last year, but we were not here around the holidays. The birth of our granddaughter in Indianapolis pleasantly delayed our snowbird adventure.

This year, we got down here on December 1st and are getting a sense of what Christmas is like in warm weather. With temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, we have to keep reminding ourselves that it is December. We have our little Christmas tree up and tiny little nativity and have lights in the window. We decked out our motorhome mirrors with Santa hats.

DSC_8288 (Medium)

Our friends Jill and Eddie seem to have run into Santa on their way down from Cincinnati. But don’t worry kids, we hear he’ll be just find by Christmas Eve.

DSC_8297 (Medium)

Some of our neighbors display Christmas spirit in an unique Florida way.

DSC_8293 (Medium)

Love the flamingoes with Santa hats and sunglasses.

DSC_8291 (Medium)

And some of our neighbors go all out.

DSC_8312 (Medium)

So as we bask in the shadow of palm trees and enjoy the pool and hot tub, we know it is short-lived as we head to the frozen environs of Indianapolis on Friday.

Can’t wait to see the kids and grandkids, family and friends for Christmas. Hoping the white stuff doesn’t fall until we reach our destination and is gone again by New Years Day for our trip back south.


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