Durham again

Every chance we get, we visit Indianapolis and Durham

Grandkids, you know?

We are headed to Mocksville, NC to have some MagneShades installed on the motorhome in an attempt to cut down on the heat. That’s close to Durham, right?

And, it just so happens, they will have 93% totality for the solar eclipse. We’re staying in our old stand-by Falls Lake State Park. It’s almost empty. Maybe 10 sites taken in the entire campground.

We found out 93% totality is not near as impressive as 100% totality, and in retrospect should have driven a couple more hours for the real experience.


We had our eclipse ISO certified glasses ordered from Amazon and delivered to our daughter’s house.


Bogey was not impressed

It was cool to see the change in coloring and the crescent shaped shadows and the temperature may have dropped a few degrees (it was 95 that day). But overall, a little disappointing here.


Cool shadows on the blacktop

Well, there’s always 2024 for the next total solar eclipse,┬áif we’re around then.

And a big plus, we got some quality time in with these little cuties.


Pool Time!


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