Yay Christmas

So we left sunny Florida and drove the car up to NE Indianapolis area for a big family Christmas.

It’s 4 degrees here as I write this, with a forecast for below zero.


But this warms our hearts!

26172393_10214524205357250_2971495945495191935_o (Medium)

As does big family meals and presents for the grandkids.

26063243_10214524202317174_8055026189925569182_o (Medium)

Baby Violet turned 1 year old.

26173777_10214524180516629_3574869231524541988_o (Medium)

Older daughter Toni and her husband hosted at their new home

26170353_10214524241718159_5786989685750478452_o (Medium)

Younger daughter Chrissy and her family visited from Durham, NC.

26170310_10214524205517254_1677711291541441495_o (Medium)


Later today we head to Lebanon, Ohio NE of Cincinnati for New Years Eve with our best friends Jeanne and Ray. The four of us have spent every NYE together since 1971! Then – back to Florida.

Florida at Christmastime

We spent most of the winter in Florida last year, but we were not here around the holidays. The birth of our granddaughter in Indianapolis pleasantly delayed our snowbird adventure.

This year, we got down here on December 1st and are getting a sense of what Christmas is like in warm weather. With temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, we have to keep reminding ourselves that it is December. We have our little Christmas tree up and tiny little nativity and have lights in the window. We decked out our motorhome mirrors with Santa hats.

DSC_8288 (Medium)

Our friends Jill and Eddie seem to have run into Santa on their way down from Cincinnati. But don’t worry kids, we hear he’ll be just find by Christmas Eve.

DSC_8297 (Medium)

Some of our neighbors display Christmas spirit in an unique Florida way.

DSC_8293 (Medium)

Love the flamingoes with Santa hats and sunglasses.

DSC_8291 (Medium)

And some of our neighbors go all out.

DSC_8312 (Medium)

So as we bask in the shadow of palm trees and enjoy the pool and hot tub, we know it is short-lived as we head to the frozen environs of Indianapolis on Friday.

Can’t wait to see the kids and grandkids, family and friends for Christmas. Hoping the white stuff doesn’t fall until we reach our destination and is gone again by New Years Day for our trip back south.


Christmas Greeting

A digital Christmas greeting from Florida


We don’t mail out Christmas cards anymore and now create a digital greeting instead.

When thinking back on the year since last Christmas, and even with our nomadic lifestyle, the year was highlighted by time with family.


Our youngest grandchild was born in Indianapolis while we were there for Chirstmas last December. We stayed in Indy for New Years Eve with our best friends who are like family from Cincinnati, Jeanne and Ray. Then, we headed south for some sunshine and warmth in Florida. We would make 4 more trips to Indy in the course of the year, including a trip to surprise Toni on her 40th birthday and a trip to help watch all 5 grandchildren in November. We went to Durham, North Carolina the home of our other daughter and her family 3 times. We always enjoy Thanksgiving with them and were there to babysit for their 10th wedding anniversary.

 DSC_8187 (Medium)

We managed to attend an 80th birthday party for Tom’s Aunt Mary Ann and a 90th party for Tom’s Aunt Rosemary both in Cincinnati and made sure Tom’s dad was there to help them celebrate.

 IMG_1641 (Medium)

And while we were back in Cincinnati in May we participated with Roni’s grade school friends family in the SandAngel Foundation’s Strolling with Angels walk in memory of our dear friend Chris Blom Back.

 IMG_1633 (Medium)

While we were in Gaffney, South Carolina in May, we looked up Tom’s cousin Bruce that lives closeby and they enjoyed a reunion of such not having seen each other in 20 years. We enjoyed meeting his wife Lora and going out to dinner.

 IMG_1669 (Medium)

Speaking of reunions, Roni was reunited with her half-sister, Patricia after loosing touch for 50 years when we drove out to San Diego. What a blessing that was. We met her son Bob and his family as well.

 DSC_7997 (Medium)

We also spent time with family long gone through genealogy research at the National Archives in DC and St Louis and the Janssen Genealogical Library in Reading, PA. We managed visits to Chattanooga, Chickamauga and Mill Spring battlefields where Tom’s great great grandpa Ludwig Bosch was engaged in battle in the Civil War.

 DSC_4042 (Medium)

We caught up with our RV family at several rallies – the Newmar rally at the Tampa RV show, Freightliner Owners at LazyDays in Seffner, FL, Region 6 Newmar Rally and FMCA Rally in Indianapolis, the Newmar Fulltimers in Branson and Newmar International in Sedalia, MO and the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with a Newmar special event group in October.

 DSC_7774 (Medium) (2)

We hope to leave the motorhome safely tucked away here at Mt Olive Shores North in Polk City, Florida with our new family of neighbors and drive back to Indianapolis with Bogey to celebrate Christmas 2017 with our family and friends.

So while we’re speaking of family, we wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and love and all good things.

Winter Home

We have arrived at Mt Olive Shores North in Polk City, Florida – our home for the next 4 months.

All settled in at 427 Travelers Drive and enjoying the sunshine and warmth (for now, there’s a cold front coming).

They have a lot of activities here and we are looking forward to joining in.

Just checking in for now – will post more soon.