San Diego

We had limited time in San Diego but we did make the most of it. We stayed at the Chula Vista Resort about an half hour south of the city, but right next to the waters of San Diego Bay. They squeezed us in there – sites are close together and too short for our motorhome and car to fit on the site, and the roads are narrow.  The place is landscaped nicely though and has a sparkling pool, hot tub and tiki huts.

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We put orange cones out since we were sticking out into the street


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Our main objective here was to meet Roni’s half-sister Pat and her family that lives here (see separate post). We were able to spend quite a bit of time getting acquainted. We also took a day on our own for sightseeing.

The weather wasn’t cooperating. We had to wait a day to travel from Yuma due to high wind warnings in the mountains. Then temperatures reached record highs while we were there – one day 105 degrees. There were red flag warnings for fire danger too as humidity levels were only about 5% coupled with the high heat and winds.

The Marina next to the RV Park was beautiful and the restaurant there proved to be a great place to eat breakfast.

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It also borders on the Bayview Park with views of San Diego Bay and the city, but don’t plan on swimming here as there were warnings posted about bad quality water.

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We went to Seaport Village and walked along the water. This is where the USS Midway is docked.

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We didn’t take the time to tour. There are shops and restaurants. Also in this area is a strange little park that is a tribute to Bob Hope.

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Then we went to South Beach Grill in Ocean Beach with a view of the Pacific. We ate tacos and drank local beer. Then we walked along the beach. It was about 100 degrees but didn’t feel, too bad.

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Next, we drove out to Stone Brewery at Liberty Station and had a beer sampling.

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Pat accompanied us to Coronado for lunch at Miguels and a short tour of the Hotel Del Coronado. She worked here in the early 50’s as a waitress and waited on movie stars.

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The Hotel is impressive. And we enjoyed Pat talking about living in Coronado and working at the Del.

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There seems to be a movement of people trading their RV life for life on a boat. We think we found a fixer upper.

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Long Overdue Reunion

Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Here’s a time line . . .

1932 Patricia Mogle is born

1954 Veronica Mogle is born

1966 Patricia and Veronica meet for the first time

2015 Veronica finds Patricia on Facebook

2017 Patricia contacts Veronica via Facebook

2017 Patricia and Veronica meet again – This meeting took place in San Diego, CA on October 21, 2017

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Roni didn’t know she had an half-sister until she was about 10 years old. After her dad and his first wife divorced, the ex-wife moved to California with their only child Patricia.

Roni was the only child of Charlie and Mary Mogle and was born 15 years after they married. So Pat and Roni never had the opportunity to meet until Pat and her husband came to Cincinnati in a camper about 1966 with their two kids to visit Pat and Roni’s dad and other relatives living there. She went back to San Diego and over time they lost communication with one another.

Through genealogy research Roni found that Pat had remarried and now knew her current last name and found her on Facebook – then sent a message.

And waited.

It took 2 years for Pat to find the message and then respond. On Sibling Day 2017 Roni gets a Facebook message from Pat ‘I’m your half-sister’.

After several other communications, Roni and Tom decide to make a visit to San Diego. They will be in Albuquerque anyway and SD is a mere 11 hour one way drive west from there. So it’s a plan.

The sisters learn they have more than a few things in common. Pat and her husband also lived in a motorhome, 16 years in fact. They both have 2 children. They both like happy hour. They both golfed.

Pat’s son’s family lives in the area and we were all able to get together one evening. He and his wife have a lovely home in the hills around Lakeside, CA and this is the view.

(Apologies for misspelled names)

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We had a wonderful time meeting family members.

IMG_2305 (Medium)

Roni and her nephew Bob

DSC_7983 (Medium)

Pat and granddaughter Kaylee

DSC_7985 (Medium)

Bob and his wife Jeri

DSC_7986 (Medium)

Bob’s grandkids Kaitlyn and Jasse

DSC_7987 (Medium)

Pat, her granddaughter Shawna and Shawna’s husband Luke

Pat’s daughter lives in Washington State. Looks like we need to plan a visit to the NorthWest.


On our way to San Diego we decided to make Yuma a layover spot. We’re staying at the Del Pueblo RV and Tennis Resort.

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It’s a little lonely here, the snowbirds will start arriving in the next few weeks. There’s 2 pools, 3 hot tubs, billiards, cards, crafts, library, gym – but not much going on right now. And, it’s hot! Like 103 hot when we arrived.

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The thing to do in Yuma is to actually leave Yuma and cross the border to Los Algodones, Mexico. Here you can find opticians, pharmacies, dentists, restaurants and bars – all at a bargain. Most people park on the US side at a parking lot run by the Quechan Tribe and walk across the border. We did not do this. Tom does not have a current passport.

We did visit a local brewery – Prison Hill Brewery for a great lunch and beers. The DIPA was tasty.

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There’s a state park at the site of the Yuma Territorial Prison.

DSC_7931 (Medium)

The Prison opened in 1874 when Arizona was still a territory and operated for 33 years. It housed a total of 3,069 prisoners including 29 women.

DSC_7938 (Medium)

There’s a self guided tour, a museum with a film and exhibits, cells and artifacts.

DSC_7935 (Medium)

From the guardhouse you can see the Colorado and Gila Rivers.

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DSC_7925 (Medium)

Just can’t seem to keep Tom out of Jail. Last month it was the Missouri State Penitentiary, now he’s in the Yuma Territorial Prison.

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Winslow, Arizona

We are staying at the Meteor Crater RV Park so it only made sense that we make the 6 mile drive to the actual meteor crash site. There’s a nice visitors’ center with a gift shop, a film and Subway restaurant, but the big attraction here is the giant hole in the ground.

DSC_7822 (Medium)

There’s a guided tour that takes you out about ½ mile along the crater rim.

DSC_7847 (Medium)

50,000 years ago a meteorite estimated to have been about 150 feet across, weighing several hundred thousand tons and hurtling toward earth at 26,000 miles per hour made impact here. The result of the violent collision was a crater 700 feet deep and 4000 feet across. The angle of descent as it entered the atmosphere and velocity was just right so it survived the atmosphere.

The largest discovered fragment, the Holsinger Meteorite is displayed and you are encouraged to touch it.

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Because of its location, this is the best preserved meteor crash site on earth. Very little erosion has taken place here due to lack of rainfall. Research conducted in the late 1800’s made it the first proven meteor crater.

Astronauts trained here for the moon missions.

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The other ‘must see, must do’ attraction in Winslow, AZ involves a 1972 Eagles’ song lyric. (1972 was a very good year BTW). We drove about 20 miles to downtown Winslow to Standin’ on the Corner Park.

DSC_7859 (Medium)

The town has capitalized on the ‘Take it Easy’ song by the Eagles. There’s even a flat bed Ford.

DSC_7854 (Medium)

Historic Route 66 ran through town.

DSC_7860 (Medium)

We sat at the ice cream parlor on the square and watched tourist after tourist get their picture taken with the statues and in front of the mural.

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