S&H Campground Greenfield, Indiana

S&H Campground – 2573 W 100 N – Greenfield, Indiana

OK, we should have heeded the negative reviews and stayed away from this place, but we were looking to save a few bucks and more importantly, find a campground in the Indianapolis area open all year. Our older daughter and her family live in Indianapolis, so we visit here on a regular basis. The KOA in Greenfield is our usual base but is pricey and closes for the winter.

When you arrive at the S&H Campground, it makes a positive first impression. The office is nice and neat and there’s a putt-putt course. The personnel are pleasant and professional, but it went downhill from there. The campground is listed in Passport America as participants, but we were informed they no longer participate in the program. (There goes our 50% discount). OK – well $43/night it is. We were told “just go on up the hill and find a pull thru there should be some up there”. The sites are tight, dirty, rutted and muddy. There are a ton of seasonals. The utilities are marginal and there are cords and hoses crisscrossing sites where utilities are nonfunctional. It is obvious families are living here permanently as the school bus dropped off kids.

There were 3 pull thrus, one of which had someone else hooked up to the water. All were uneven, muddy and very narrow with neighbors junk encroaching on the sites. We decided to leave, but were blocked in by cars parked in the road. Eventually, after asking for help from the office (which really wasn’t any help). We backed into the owner’s palatial estate’s driveway and went out the in to ask for our money back.

So no pics of this campground. Hightailed it out of there and back to the KOA. All in all a frustrating, negative experience.

Moral of the story – pay attention to the reviews.

What we learned from our first caravan

We had a great time on the Newmar Kountry Klub Grand Circle Caravan and thought we would share what we learned from our first caravan.


– You still have to do research on your route and destinations. Yeah, it’s all predetermined, but there will be holes in the information. Don’t rely on the caravan leaders to supply all necessary data.

– Mix it up with everyone in the group the first day or so. After a few days, cliques will form and you may miss out on a chance to meet someone really interesting.


– Have some easy meals on hand. Not all your food will be provided. You may be too busy or too tired to fix a big meal.

– Pace yourself – there will be lots to do and see and you’ll feel like your missing out on something if you don’t do it all. Do what you can, and plan to come back later and do the rest.

– Keep up on your documentation and pictures. If you keep a journal or do a blog as we do, download photos and write it down in a timely manner while you still remember everything you did and saw.

– Your poor pet will not get as much attention as he/she deserves. There’s so much going on for the humans, poor puppy may be by himself a lot.


– Be friendly, offer to help, offer your neighbor a beer. A small kind act may result in a new friend.

– Buffet does not mean “stuff yourself like you may never see food again” RV’ers love their buffets.

– Plan ahead for pot lucks, there’s sure to be at least one. You may not be close to a grocery to run out and get something. A ‘go-to’ dish’s ingredients should be kept on hand.

– Be flexible – things happen, plans change – it’s going to happen. Think of it as a happy coincidence.

– Relax, have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff. Be open to serendipity.

relaxAnd you’ll have a great time too.

River Dance Campground Gypsum, Colorado

River Dance Campground – 6700 Hwy 6 – Gypsum, Colorado

We planned to stop in Grand Junction after we left Moab, but we felt we could go farther. And it was a beautiful day for a drive. Our grand adventure of the Newmar Kountry Klub Grand Circle Caravan had come to an end and we said goodbye to our new friends. The scenery along I-70 was wonderful. The drive was a little tricky especially around Glenwood Springs. We were ready for a stop by the time we reach exit 140 and stopped at River Dance campground.


They assigned us site 17 – a pull through long enough that we didn’t need to unhook the car.


They have shut down some of the sites, that’s why there were no sewer sites available. They are negotiating with the county on putting in more sites and tiny houses. The county is also limiting their water usage, so the laundry facility was closed.

The campground is on the Eagle River and there is a walk down for access.


They insist you use blocks under your jacks and there’s a $1/day fee for a dog. There’s noise from I-70, which we can see from our site. Verizon is marginal, there’s no Wi-Fi. Satellite works surprisingly, even with the mountains. A nice bike/walk path crosses through the campground.


RViewToday – Office and Bathhouse at River Dance

Arches National Park

We left early for a full day of exploring Arches National Park – yet again our geezer pass got us in free. We started at the Visitor Center just off Hwy 191 a couple miles north of Portal RV campground where we are staying.


At the visitor center, we rented a CD narrative of the park auto tour. We went to just about all the accessible places in the park.

One of the most famous formations in the park is Balanced Rock.


We were lucky enough to happen upon a ranger led hike at the Windows parking area and hike out to North Window and South Window arches while he gave us a geology and history lesson of the area.


We stopped at the Wolfe Ranch and took a short walk out to the Rock Art Panel of Petroglyphs etched by the Ute Indians.


We did not venture out on the 3 mile difficult trail to Delicate Arch and settled for a picture from the viewpoint instead.


The same trail takes you to Broken Arch and Sand Dune arch. Broken Arch is a 1.3 mile hike with this reward.


And we walked back through the fins to Sand Dune Arch on our way back to the car.


And again we stopped at the far north point of the road at Devil’s Garden and hiked out to Landscape Arch a 1.6 moderate hike. This is the largest arch in the world with a span of 290 feet.


RViewToday – Spectacular Landscape Arch, so worth the walk

There are over 2000 arches in the park. Hopefully, we will return one day and find the rest of them.