The Perfect RV

Well, there is no such thing as the perfect RV. Probably no such thing as the perfect RV for you. Everything is a compromise. The best you can hope to find is one that fits your lifestyle, is comfortable to live and travel in and holds all the things you can’t live without.

FullSizeRender (21)

Above is our 9 year old grandson Luke’s idea of the perfect RV with some labels from Mum. Below is Mum’s idea of the perfect RV.

FullSizeRender (22)

So it seems we have a difference in opinion here. Notice however I did like his hot tub idea.

Plans set in Jello

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Some people have plans set in stone. Full time RV’ers tend to have plans set in Jello. Because we have the flexibility to be in different places at different times and really have no place to call home to get back to, we can, and often do, change our plans.

That’s what has happened to us for the majority of the time we’ve been on the road. Today finds us separated by 120 miles with Tom in Nappanee again with the motorhome and Roni in Indianapolis on grandkid duty. Our daughter is having a rough time of it being 4 months pregnant and 1 week post-op from gall bladder surgery. The original plan had us traveling around Michigan now. The new plan has us in Michigan next week. We’ll see how that works out.


Family Matters

Well, we are temporarily off the road while we attend to family obligations in Indianapolis. Our motorhome remains in Nappanee at the Newmar plant and we are staying with our daughter’s family in Indianapolis. Our pregnant daughter has been dealing with health issues and had gall bladder surgery this week. We have been shuttling grandkids to golf, gymnastics and theatre camp and cooking, cleaning and doing endless loads of laundry.

Looks like we will be here a few more days before we head up north and possibly to Michigan for a month or so. They are predicting heat indexes of 110 degrees over the weekend, so north seems like the direction to head.


RVewToday – Spending time with these sweeties

Questions and a 4 month milepost


July 18th marks 4 months full timing for us and finds us anxious to get back on the road. Tom’s back from Nappanee temporarily and has joined me in Indianapolis. The upholstery job is not finished on the motorhome. He left it there for at least the weekend and probably until midweek.

Our daughter is still ill and anticipating gall bladder surgery now. I’m sticking around to take care of the grandkids, cook and clean.

I am asked all the time by people who know our story “how’s it going?” “what’s it like?” and I’m never prepared with an answer. It just doesn’t seem real yet. So much of our time has been taken up with family commitments and technical difficulties.

We have been fortunate enough to meet great people and catch up with old friends. We’ve found a few great places to stay, and a couple of places we’ll never visit again.

Another common questions is “what do you miss most?” Well, I do have a couple answers to that.

  • I miss a bath tub

  • I miss regular toilet paper

  • I miss great water pressure and long showers

  • I miss a toilet that flushes in the conventional manner

  • I miss the Sunday paper

  • I miss knowing the TV channels by heart

  • I miss hanging out with my BFF Jeanne

  • I miss shopping in stores where I know the layout and can run in for just a thing or two without aimlessly wandering for an hour

We haven’t decided which way we’ll head next. But, that’s the fun of it.